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Our outside catering

Bread and Roses CIC has removed it’s Community Kitchen to Claylands Avenue in Worksop where we offer a range of food and drink from our catering truck. We also offer outside catering and event catering services and will also be hosting Community Cinema and social eating events as well as establishing a social lounge and community shop. Watch this space for more details or pop in and see us at Quoin House, Claylands Avenue, Worksop, S81 7DJ.

We offer a range of training and development opportunities for those seeking employment, including work placements, accredited training and NVQ’s. Contact us for details on 01909 485335.

Bread and Roses CIC is a ‘Forporation’- A ‘for-benefit’ corporation built from the ground up to create authentic wealth, instead of being tiresomely bound to return a profit to shareholders and we are tuned not just to make great food, but to have real relationships, to meaningful enhance lives, to push the boundaries of elevating human potential to laser lock on to creating value and to do all the above in ways that matter, count, last, endure, inspire, amaze, and delight- and to do it habitually, consistently, and repeatedly.

Just come and say hello at our new premises to find out more about our future plans or join us at our social eating event on a Thursday between 4pm-6pm where you can eat a great three-course meal for just £2.50 served with a side order of connection, conversation, and community.